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We are a caring, compassionate, and professional transportation company that provides first class non-medical transportation to medical appointments, airports, hospitals, dialysis, social events, and more. Most of our vehicles are designed to provide ambulatory, wheelchair, and stretcher transports.

Our drivers pride themselves on being professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate. They believe in going the extra mile in order to ensure that our clients arrive safely and on time to their destination. Even more, our drivers have the availability to remain on site, until appointments are completed, preventing clients from experiencing late pick-ups.


Dependable Medical Transport Services

When you or a loved one is dealing with medical problems and can’t drive,
it can be difficult to get around. Even the most routine tasks can become tougher when
you or someone you love can’t drive themselves.
But what do you do? Renting or buying a wheelchair van can be expensive and troublesome,
and ride share services can’t always accommodate clients with medical issues. Instead, you should rely
on a handicapped transport service to help you get to your destination on time.
In the metro Atlanta area, you can trust Caregiver Assist Transportation to take care of
your non emergency medical transportation in a secure and compassionate manner.

Your Personal Patient Transport Service

Of all the medical transport services in the area, why should you count on Caregiver Assist Transportation? Our company proudly serves Henry, Fulton, Fayette, Clayton, Rockdale, Dekalb, Cobb, Gwinnett, and Newton counties with friendly, caring staff and a fleet of handicap vans that are reliable and safe. We’re a family owned patient transport service with a proven reputation for dependability and care, and we partner with hospitals, hospices, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, dialysis centers, and local airports to ensure that our clients get the service they need. Caregiver Assist Transportation can make getting to and from your regular doctor appointments easy and hassle free. Our vans can transport wheelchairs and stretchers to any area doctor’s office or hospital, and our drivers can even wait for you or your loved one until the appointment is over so that you can schedule your arrival at your appointment and your return home with one phone call.

Equipped To Transport Wheelchair, Stretcher, and More!

Our drivers will treat you and your loved ones with kindness, patience, love, joy, and respect during every step of the trip, so you can trust Caregiver Assist Transportation for all your medical transportation needs. We recommend that you schedule your transport at least three days in advance to ensure timely service.

Did you know that Caregiver Assist Transportation isn’t just a non emergency ambulance service? We can help you with any travel needs that you or your loved one may have throughout the metro Atlanta area. Whether you need transport to or from the airport, or if you even need a ride to a family event, you can count on Caregiver Assist Transportation to get you where you need to be safely and on time.

Non Emergency Medical Transportation Services With A Smile!

The drivers at Caregiver Assist Transportation are professional and knowledgeable, and they will always treat you and your loved ones with courtesy and fairness. They are trained in CPR and defensive driving, and they have at least three years of professional driving experience before they can begin to work for Caregiver Assist Transportation. Our drivers will go the extra mile to care for you and make sure that your travel needs are met.

When you need to get yourself or someone you love to a destination, you want peace of mind. You can always trust Caregiver Assist Transportation to provide superior service whether you need assistance getting to a hospital or doctor, or even if you just need a ride to the airport. At Caregiver Assist Transportation, we’re here to help and serve you.

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